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Everyone knows that rodents in their home is a problem, but most people are unaware that a rodent infestation could cost them their home and their health!

Rodents Cost The US $1 Billion In Property Damage Every Year!

    • Rodents are extremely destructive because they must constantly chew on things to wear down their front teeth. This makes your home’s ductwork, plumbing, wiring, and wood beams the rodent’s prime targets.
    • Rodents are also responsible for over 25,000 house fires every year.


Rodents Can Cause Asthma Attacks & Respiratory Illness

    • A study conducted by The Johns Hopkins University showed that people residing in homes with a rodent problem have a significantly increased risk of developing allergies, asthma, and severe respiratory illnesses.
    • The same study also showed that removing the rodents alone will not eliminate these risks. The affected area must be properly sanitized to eliminate the health risks associated with the rodents. Attic sanitation is extremely important due to the close proximity to ac ductwork and risk of airborne particles being introduced to living spaces below.


4 Steps to Permanent Rodent Control

1. Exclusion

Rodent control starts with keeping additional rodents from getting into the home. Seal up all the entry points around your home’s exterior using exclusion barriers.

2. Removal

After the entry points are sealed, the rodents remaining inside the home must be trapped and removed. Trapping rodents is not hard, but placement of the traps is crucial.

3. Sanitation

Once all the rodents have been trapped and removed, the affected area needs to be thoroughly sanitized. Our attic sanitizing process uses organic enzymes that break down urine, pheromones, body oils, and very small amounts of rodent feces. We also treat for fleas, lice, mites, ticks, and other parasites brought in by rodents.

4. Restoration

After the attic has been sanitized, we can complete any attic restoration needed. Attic restoration can include repairs to flexible ac ductwork, kitchen and bath vent lines, and adding a protective insulation to chewed wiring. In some cases, the insulation has been damaged and may need to be replaced.

Who should you call for rodent control?

Look for a company who specializes in rodent control and offers a complete solution. Companies that only provide trapping, use poisons, or don’t have a sanitation program should be avoided. Check this out – “What to look for in a rodent control company”

Why Should You Choose Premier Wildlife Services?

Premier Wildlife Services provides permanent rodent control solutions and attic restoration services. Over the years, we have helped thousands of residential and commercial customers all across Central Florida. We are licensed & registered by the State of Florida, and carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance.

What really sets us apart from the rest?

  • No Hidden Fees – We Offer A Detailed Written Estimate
  • “Whatever It Takes” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • All-In-One Provider– Rodent Trapping, Exclusion, Sanitation, & Restoration
    • Saves Money & Eliminates the need to hire multiple contractors.
  • Our Work Doesn’t Take Away from the Homes Natural Beauty
    • Aesthetically Pleasing & Virtually Invisible Exclusion Barriers

If you have a rodent problem, call Premier Wildlife Services today for a free home inspection & written estimate.

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