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Bird Control In Gainesville Florida

Are you ready to put a stop to your bird problems? Pest birds, especially pigeons, cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. The droppings are unsightly and damaging to almost any building material. Not to mention the droppings from pest birds carry over 60 diseases transmittable to humans and other animals. If you have a pest bird problem, you need a bird control solution from Premier Pest & Wildlife Control.

When we talk to customers about “bird-proofing”, they automatically assume we are going to use bird spikes. That’s a normal assumption because bird spikes, while they work very well when used properly, have been so overused! Anyone with a ladder, some glue, and a box of bird spikes is a “bird control expert”.  Bird spikes can be an eye sore and really take away from the aesthetics of the home or building when used in the wrong places. Not to mention, if the wrong size or type are used, it may not control the target species. So what other option do you have?

You have over 12 options! At Premier Pest & Wildlife Control, we believe bird control is an art! Keeping birds from roosting on your home or building without drawing attention to the products used can be a real challenge. Overcoming this challenge requires professional products and tools, as well as years of experience using them properly! We are Florida’s leading bird control experts for several reasons. The most important, is our ability to keep unwanted birds off of homes & buildings while maintaining their aesthetics.

There are so many different options for every type of structure, from residential to commercial. Some bird control options don’t always work well on small, single story homes, but those same products, may work great on a large department store or commercial warehouse. You can find more information on the possible bird control options that may fit your specific need by choose either residential or commercial.

Pest Bird Prevention

The only way to prevent a bird problem (besides retrofitting with bird control products) is to consider potential bird problems during the design/build portion of any building project. For the vast majority of building projects, bird control is never on anyone’s mind. That is until the building is complete, and the birds start roosting.

Bird Control Pricing

Since every home and building is different, we cannot list prices for our bird control on our website. If you are experiencing a bird problem, call our office and we will be happy to schedule a free evaluation and estimate. At that time, we will provide a written estimate for bird control solution that will best suit your home or building. We will also be better able to answer any questions you may have.

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