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Attic Insulation Replacement

When wildlife takes up residence in your attic, your homes insulation is going to be damaged. The damaged insulation is usually covered in feces, urine, hair, and pheromones, which act as chemical attractants signaling to other wildlife that this is a great place to live.

Generally, the damaged insulation is limited to a small, specific area. This area is usually where the animal has been coming in and out, sleeping, and going to the bathroom. This area of damaged insulation should be removed, the area should be sanitized to kill any pathogens, bacteria, and viruses and the insulation replaced.

On some occasions when there is extensive contamination, all of the insulation needs to be removed. We have specialized equipment that allows us to remove the insulation without any of it being carried through your home. We then treat the entire area with our attic sanitizer. We finish the attic with the blown in insulation of your choice. We offer both fiberglass and cellulose blown in insulation.

In most attics we see, the insulation is insufficient and needs upgrading. It is a great idea to have more insulation blown in once the home has been sealed (i.e. exclusion barriers & damage repairs) and the animals have been removed. Most customers see a significant decrease in their energy use and a reduction in their electricity bills.

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