Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Attics Insulation

You homes insulation is not something you think about often if even at all. If you’ve had any animal in your attic, than you also have their urine, droppings, and the parasites they carry. Your attics insulation may also be significantly compacted depending on the animal species and length of time they lived in your attic. These serious issues should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent potentially serious health concerns and dramatically increased monthly utility costs.

The Top 3 Reasons:

1.   There are several serious health concerns associated with animal urine and feces. There are over 129 different diseases associated with animal urine and feces capable of being transmitted to humans. The most common and serious diseases include raccoon roundworm, Brucella, Giardia, Hantavirus, Histoplasmosis, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, the Plague, and Tularemia. Simply treating the attic and contaminated insulation with a disinfectant won’t solve the problem. It is physically impossible to effectively treat the entire attic space without over saturating and permanently damaging your insulation, drywall, and wood structural components.

2.   When an animal gets into your attic, so do the fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and other parasites living on them. These nasty pests bring even more problems & diseases. Fortunately, this can be quickly & safely resolved by treating the attic whether or not your insulation is in place.

3.   Insulation compaction is caused by animals running around and nesting in your attic. When insulation becomes compacted, it loses its thermal resistance or “r-value”.  Insulation can easily lose more than 50% of its r-value through compaction. The average home with compacted R-19 insulation, really has less than R-8. Without the proper r-value, your ac system has to work harder and longer to heat and cool your home, causing a considerable increase in your utility bills. Why not just “re-fluff” the insulation right? Unfortunately, insulation is “fluffed” in a specialized machine during its installation and cannot be re-fluffed once it’s compacted.

Hire The Right Insulation Replacement Pro

Replacing your homes insulation after it’s been damaged and contaminated by a wild animal should only be done by a properly certified professional. People often think they should call an insulation installer, but insulation installers typically do not have the specialized training or proper safety equipment. It’s best to call a professional wildlife removal company that’s trained and certified to replace contaminated insulation. They will be able to safely remove all of the animal feces and damaged insulation. The same company should also thoroughly sanitize and deodorize the entire attic space, as well as treat for any insects and parasites before installing any new insulation.

For a free estimate for wildlife removal or insulation replacement, click here or call Premier Wildlife Services Today.

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