Heavy Rains Displace Central Florida Wildlife

Tropical Storm Debby is responsible for more than just rising water levels. The heavy rains Debby dropped on Central Florida are forcing critters all over to search for higher ground. Over the past few days, we have seen a significant increase in calls about raccoons, opossums, and even rodents getting into people’s homes and attics.

Displaced wildlife can be seen during unusual hours of the day, and also be seen in unusual places. Is you seen an animal in your yard, it’s best to call a professional wildlife removal company. It can be difficult to tell if an animal is wandering around due to the excessive rain, or if they have been exposed to rabies.

Eric Dennis, a biologist with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission said, “If you do see an animal in your yard, leave it alone. Don’t approach it. Don’t try to feed it. The animal could respond badly to your kindness and end up hurting its would-be rescuer. If it isn’t hurt, it may be stressed from the changes in its environment and still strike out, even if you’re attempting to help it. Remember it’s a wild animal”.

It’s also important that nothing is left out around the property that could inadvertently attract wildlife. Attractants include trash cans, unsecure pet food and pet food dishes, barbecue grills, wildlife feeders for birds or squirrels, and compost piles for food scraps. Secure these items so wildlife does not have access to them.

“If you see an animal that is hurt, don’t approach it. If you see something really out of the ordinary, you can always call Premier Wildlife Services at 1-877-987-3232.