Bat Exclusion “Season” Begins August 15th

I have some great news for those who have been living with bats in your attic during the annual bat exclusion “closed season”. The closed season, which began April 16th, will officially end August 14th. I am very excited that we can finally help those customers who have been patiently waiting for the “season” to open and get the bats out of their attic for good!

Most people are unaware of this closed season and why it is so important to one of Florida’s most beneficial endangered animals. So why is the closed season, also known as the “maternity season”, so important? It’s important because female bats give birth to their young during May and June. These young bats begin to fly around six weeks of age, and cannot leave their roost until then. The closed season helps prevent professional wildlife trappers and pest control companies from unintentionally killing these young bats by trapping them inside a structure.Orphaned Bat - 4

Do you think you have a bat problem? Bat exclusions should only be done by a licensed and experienced professional who knows and understands the laws that protect these bats. Here in Florida there are numerous laws regarding bat exclusion products and methods, and these laws carry harsh penalties for those that break them. These laws also allow the state to charge both the service provider AND the homeowner for improperly performed bat exclusions. To learn more about these laws, click here.

Protect yourself by choosing a bat removal company who:

Is licensed, certified, and insured

Has years of bat exclusion experience

Provides free inspections and written estimates

Provides a written warranty against bat reentry

Is familiar with Florida Administrative Code 68A-9.010 Section 1, Part A & B

Knows Florida Statute 828.12.1

Uses only humane exclusion methods

Stay clear of bat removal companies who:

Says bat exclusion takes less than 4-5 days – Click here to learn why…

Says bat exclusion can be done rain or shine – Click here to learn why…

Says there is no temperature restriction on bat exclusion – Click here to learn why…

Says there is no need to remove the guano – Click here to learn why…

Does not wear protective gear while in close proximity to bats – Click here to learn why…

Uses traps, glue boards, poisons, or fumigants to remove bats – Click here to learn why…


If you’re ready to permanently get rid of the bats in your walls or attic, Call Premier Wildlife Services today!

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