Keep Wildlife Out During Tropical Storm Isaac

Just like you and I, wild animals are also affected by the heavy rain and wind from Tropical storm Isaac. Raccoons and opossums frequently find shelter from storms in attics and crawlspaces that are easily accessible. Properly securing common animal entry points around your home will prevent costly property damage caused by wildlife.

Common problems near the roof line:

One of the biggest problems during storms is loose or damaged soffit, especially in eave gaps where the raccoon can easily reach. Loose soffit can easily be blown open by high winds or pulled open by wildlife looking for shelter.

Raccoons have a gift for finding rotted soffit and fascia boards. Raccoons will quickly tear these weak spots wide open to get into your attic. Rotted soffit and fascia boards are a big indicator of water

Attic fans with large round external housings mounted to the roof are easy targets for raccoons. If they are not in good shape, raccoons can easily tear the thin sheet metal side walls apart.

Common problems at ground level:

Opossums love vented crawlspaces because the vent screens usually need to be repaired or replaced. If your home has a crawlspace, check the screen in the vents. If it is damaged or missing, new screen should be installed from under the home.

Crawlspaces also have at least one access door. If your access door is damaged or missing, it should be replaced. You can’t buy these doors at home depot because every crawlspace access varies in size. Access doors should be built from pressure treated lumber and have a nice snug fit in the access.

Prevention is Key

Preventing animals from getting into your attic or crawlspace is much easier and cheaper than removing the animal and repair the damage they caused. Even if an animal is in your attic or crawlspace for a short period of time, your homes drywall, ductwork, electrical wiring, plumbing, and insulation can be seriously damaged.

If you’d like to make your home critter proof, [dcscf-link text=”click here”] or call Premier Wildlife Services today for a free estimate.

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