Keep Wildlife Out During Tropical Storm Isaac

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Just like you and I, wild animals are also affected by the heavy rain and wind from Tropical storm Isaac. Raccoons and opossums frequently find shelter from storms in attics and crawlspaces that are easily accessible. Properly securing common animal entry points around your home will prevent costly property damage caused by wildlife. Read more

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How To Poison Rats

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If you’re having a rat problem, your first thought might be to use rat poison. Unfortunately, poisoning rats is the least effective and most problematic rat control method. Using rat poison to solve a rat problem is like using duct tape to patch a leaky pipe. In almost all cases, it will cost you far less to have the rats trapped and the entry points permanently sealed than the potential long term costs of using poison. So what problems can you expect to have if you decide to use rat poison?

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How to get rid of rats in the attic

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